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MathCell can be used to implement visualizations of complex special functions with a JavaScript library that supports them. Here are some particularly nice examples from Math that show real and imaginary parts of special functions on complex axes and on the complex plane:

Bessel function of the first kind

Bessel function of the second kind

Hankel function of the first kind

Hankel function of the second kind

Jacobi elliptic sine

Jacobi elliptic cosine

Jacobi delta amplitude function

Gamma function

Riemann zeta function

Proper spherical harmonics in 3D

MathCell is designed to allow presentation of interactive visualizations in the course of an HTML document. Here are some illustrative examples:

Interactive Bianchi-Pinkall Flat Tori

Interactive Lotka-Volterra Equations

Simó’s Three-Body Choreographies in Action

The Visual Appearance of Higher-Dimensional Objects

Visualizing Calabi-Yau Manifolds

Visualizing Geodesics on Surfaces

27 Lines on a Cubic Surface

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